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GeeOldForce 02-24-11 12:43 AM

Xorg Blank Screen/Frozen After Upgrade to Debian Squeeze
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I recently upgraded to Debian Squeeze and now when I try to start the Xserver I get a blank/all black screen and the computer stops responding to any keyboard input. Ctrl-Alt-Backspace, Ctrl-Alt-Delete, Alt-F2, Esc, etc. have no effect at all including no beeps. The monitor makes noises and the backlighting changes as if it is changing video modes but the Nvidia logo never shows up. I can log in using ssh. Using ssh to run "ps aux" it appears that the Xserver runs for a few seconds and then quits, leaving the machine in a frozen state. The power button does shut down the machine properly.

Report file is attached. The Xorg.0.log file just ends after the (II) Initializing extension GLX line. Looking at other peoples Xorg.0.log files it appears that there should be more information added to this file after that point.

Any suggestions on how to fix or diagnose this?

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