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Raptorman 02-24-11 10:12 AM

Windows 7 Monitor Off On Log-In
So, I encountered this problem before, and I fixed it by logging into my wife's account, and the Windows Error Report showed up, and all was golden.

Here's what happens. I can be in the middle of a game (this has only happened once before), and suddenly the screen freezes, the GPU fans drop to idle, and the monitor turns off. Upon a reboot I reach the log-in screen no problem, however, if I choose my name and Log-In the monitor goes into sleep mode, but Windows is continuing to load. Even if I view the error report in Safe Mode it still does not work until I can view the error (which was a BSOD) in normal Windows mode.
Before I got frustrated and logged into my wifes log-in was able to see the error report, logged out, and then logged into mine. No problems after that. This time, though, the monitor turns off even with her account, and I can only use safe mode to actually get into Windows. Any ideas? Anyone know how to manually delete the error report in Windows 7 so I can move on with this?

Intel Core i7 @4.0GHz
EVGA X58A1 3-Way SLI
GeForce GTX 480 SLI 266.58 HDMI to monitor
GeForce GTX 260 Dedicated PhysX 266.58
on-board audio
Windows 7 Home Premium SP1

Raptorman 02-24-11 10:29 AM

Re: Windows 7 Monitor Off On Log-In
Nevermind, a fresh driver install from Safe-Mode seems to have corrected the issue.

xaviers67 04-08-11 08:19 AM

Re: Windows 7 Monitor Off On Log-In
Hi, It happens many times while i was playing a game too, the solution is that go in the power management and in the default balanced sceme edit the time of idle and set ever where, where necessary to the never. so that we don't any type of blank screen.

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