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Magoo 08-06-03 10:56 AM

Red HAt 9.0 and GeforceFX 5600
I have a problem with Chaintech Geforce FX 5600, with 256 Mb DDR.
I install Linux through the text interface. The automaticaly selected driver for my card is VESA. When I try to boot to Red Hat Linux 9.0, when X is loading, my monitor turns into sleep mode, and I can't do nothing.
My system:
Athlon 1333
chipset: Via KT133
521 Mb SDRAM
20 Gb 7200 RPM for Linux.

I hope you can help.


GotCow 10-18-03 09:57 PM

I have had this problem

boot: linux text

DO NOT INSTALL X (for packages), and Skip X Config at the end of the install.

Nvidia 5600 Fx
P4 2.4
20gb free space for RH9

dpw2atox 10-19-03 02:45 AM

a much simpler solution is to run the install. After the install is done boot to the first cd and load the recovery mode. In a command prompt mount your filesystem, go to /etc/X11/ and edit XF86Config and change the line that says vesa to nv. Reboot and you'll be fine.

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