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danboid 08-06-03 04:46 PM

ALSA 0.9.6 + Soundstorm????
I'm running RH9, but upgraded to a 2.4.21 kernel, on a A7N8Xdlx. I recently got the latest ALSA and 0.9.6 is the first ALSA release I've tried that compiled and then modprobed sucessfully, without any patching, under RH9. Problem is that only PCM sound output works- recording and MIDI don't. Recording and MIDI work if I use the kernel i810 OSS driver, but the OSS driver doesn't support full duplex unlike ALSA (when it record works of course), which I really need to use Audacity and Ardour properly.

So, my question is, has anybody got full duplex recording and the synth working under a similar config to mine? Which ALSA version? Did you have to patch it?


bahamot 08-07-03 01:45 AM

AFAIK , soundstorm in linux never supports full duplex, if u want to have full duplex u have to use software mix e.g. arts, esd

danboid 08-07-03 04:19 AM

Full duplex
Soundstorm most definately DOES do full duplex under Linux, without software mixing too. I know this as when I was still running MDK9.1 I had to disable aRTs as it was causing problems and I also got ALSA (I think it was version 0.9.3) working with that kernel. I successfully did full duplex recording under Audacity, although mono recording didn't work so every track was 16bit 44Khz stereo, which is a blatant waste of space.

I don't understand why Soundstorm support under ALSA seems to have degraded.

bahamot 08-07-03 05:21 AM

Althougth i like SBLive! a hell lot on Linux, i'll give it a try later on.

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