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JohnDio 03-10-11 04:30 PM

The Secret World
The Secret World GDC2011 Trailer


Funcom is excited to unveil a brand new trailer video as well as a new website for the upcoming, modern-day massively multiplayer online game ‘The Secret World’. The new video offers gamers a unique glimpse into the world, the monsters, the myths, and the gameplay of the much anticipated online game. In ‘The Secret World’ players get to play the character they want to play without being limited to classes or levels, as they adventure through modern-day, real-world locations.

“It is truly exciting for us to show gamers just how much freedom they will be able to enjoy in ‘The Secret World’,” says Director and Producer Ragnar Tørnquist. “The video perfectly encompasses the four important pillars of ‘The Secret World’: the modern-day setting, the freeform character progression, the dramatic storyline, and the unique secret society conflict. It feels great to reveal new details on the ‘The Secret World’ as we continue to make strides in the development of the game.”

‘The Secret World’ is Funcom’s third massively multiplayer game, having previously developed the award-winning ‘Anarchy Online’ and the best selling new MMO of 2008 ‘Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures’. No release date has been announced. Enjoy the trailer!

|MaguS| 03-10-11 04:34 PM

Re: The Secret World
Man this game has been long in the making... it looks interesting. I like the hole modern day thing going with it.

MUYA 03-10-11 07:52 PM

Re: The Secret World
This game's graphic engine is now powering Age Of Conan as of the patch on Tuesday.

I am intrigued by Secret World as I know an alpha tester who can't stop raving about Secret World (and this person is a MMo junkie, anything from Eve, AoC, WoW, Vanguard...he's played 'e). But by the way Funcom keeps making Age of Conan a mess, I have trepidations.

emailthatguy 04-03-11 03:58 PM

Re: The Secret World
ragnar tornquist being in charge of this game only gives me good reason to believe TSW will be awesome. That guy's never hit it out of the park on anything hes done. Story and lore for anarchy online was all him. the longest journey, dreamfall.

at this point hes completely earned the benefit of the doubt. so given that, im looking forward to another awesome game project led by ragnar.

funcom has been in the midst of their biggest company expansion as well. moved from norway to canada, lots of hiring, new infrastructure and investment. exciting times for those guys i bet. i remember when ao launched, funcom was basically run out of a 2 story house at the time. they've come a long way. getting rid of godager really helped im sure.

Mr. Hunt 04-03-11 04:32 PM

Re: The Secret World
Looks interesting, but I hate the whole "no character level thing"... generally that is one thing making me play an MMO :\. Only game I didn't care about levels was Guild Wars.

MUYA 10-05-11 10:35 PM

Re: The Secret World
I was in a closed beta..as with betas and NDA...I can't post anything specific except to say it was fun. There are lots of bugs that need sorting but, from GDC video it introduced. This is concept I found nice after training all low level tiers of skills for each different type

I might just get this game....

Yaboze 10-06-11 09:10 AM

Re: The Secret World
When is it due out? I may check it out since it seems to break the mold, unlike SWTOR (which I still like).

MUYA 10-09-11 10:17 PM

Re: The Secret World
I think they are targeting April 2012.

Sign up for beta you may get lucky

MUYA 10-09-11 10:18 PM

Re: The Secret World
I think they are targeting April 2012.

Sign up for beta you may get lucky

H3avyM3tal 06-15-12 01:28 AM

Re: The Secret World
They are gonna use some updated combat mechanics and dx11 graphics for this beta weekend. Can't wait!

Btw, is it me, or does this game gives off a vtmb vibe at times? I love it :)

Maverick123w 06-15-12 01:39 AM

Re: The Secret World
I've been accepted into so many phases of the beta for this game and never even bothered to try it. Game play looks really bad.

H3avyM3tal 06-15-12 02:59 AM

Re: The Secret World

Originally Posted by Maverick123w (Post 2564151)
Game play looks really bad.

You know, that is probably the one thing that is gonna break the game for some people. For me, all the other things this game has overshadow the bad things about the combat. Gameplay-wise, this game has some very innovative things.

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