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Zarkon 08-07-03 05:13 AM

Lockups, freezes from nvnet
I'm using the most recent nvnet drivers on a custom kernel (2.4.20-19.9), which is run on an nForce mobo / Red Hat Linux 9.0.

The problem is that it randomly freezes the entire system for up to 30 seconds when I do something on the internet - such as reconnecting to an FTP, clicking on a link on a site, etc. Occasionally it even locks up hard the system, requiring a reboot.

I know this is related to the nvnet drivers, because after the temporary freezes, I see a spike in the ppp0 usage under KSim.

I've activated optimization=1, and I did notice a significant difference in CPU usage. But the lock-ups are still a major nuisance.

Anyone else have/had this problem?

kgroombr 08-08-03 10:17 PM

My nvnet driver seems to work fine, but my system locks up all the time. Haven't found a solution to it unfortunately.

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