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wsuetholz 03-17-11 08:58 AM

Component Video on ION2
I'm posting this here, because from what I can find out, the ION2 is a GT218 graphics processor, and there isn't a subforum for the ION and ION2.

Anyway, I have a new Jetway Mini-Top that has an ION2 and according to the documentation a DVI-D port as well as the HDMI. I'd like to do Component Video from the DVI-D. Is that possible with just cabling like I can with some ATI cards? Or do I have to go out and spend another $200 on a device to convert it. The TV I'm connecting to can handle up to 1080i.

Thank you

frenchy2k1 03-17-11 01:31 PM

Re: Component Video on ION2
DVI has 3 different ports:
* DVI-D (digital only, both single-link and dual-link)
* DVI-A (analog only)
* DVI-I (integrated - digital and analog)

if your port really is DVI-D, it is purely digital and does not carry any analog (vga, component) signal, so you would have to buy a converter from DVI/HDMI to VGA/component.

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