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SebiXVI 03-28-11 05:51 AM

Restrict X server to only one GPU?

Im having stability problems with a G210 on an Abit A-N78HD with built-on 8300 chipset.

To track down the issues, Id like the onboard chip to display the console and the PCIe card (G210) to show the X server (its an VDR system, so the card displays the video using vdpau).

The onboard card is the primary card in BIOS, so all console messages go here. The xorg.conf has been set up the bus id (3:0:0) for the PCIe card (internal is 2:0:0). However, the nvidia driver still uses both cards. The PCIe card will be enabled using the given configuration (dual head with an Epson EHTW3600 on HDMI and a Samsung LE32R32 on the DVI port). The other card is set up using a default configuration.

The main drawback is that the console is blanked as soon as the X server starts. I can only see console messages when swiching to the console usin Ctrl-Alt-F1, but then the video output is disabled.

Can I restrict the nvidia driver to only use the gpu mentioned in the xorg.conf by bus-id?


zander 03-28-11 10:39 AM

Re: Restrict X server to only one GPU?
If you're already using the BusID keyword to bind the Device section to a specific GPU, then the NVIDIA driver will only actively be driving that GPU. The other is probed for information, but not actually being used. If you'd like to disable even the probe operation, you can use the ProbeAllGpus NVIDIA X driver option (see the README). The primary console goes blank because the X server switches away from it - this will still happen even if you instruct the NVIDIA X driver to ignore the 8300.

danix 03-28-11 10:50 AM

Re: Restrict X server to only one GPU?
The real issue is that the console and X are running in different VTs. Off the top of my head, I don't think it's possible to run X and a tty on the same VT using different GPUs, but I could be wrong. If your system has a serial port, that would probably be the best way to set up a console for troubleshooting this issue, but unfortunately, many newer systems don't.

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