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Philibob 09-07-02 10:03 AM

Detonator Drivers (40.xx) and nForce.
Are the 40.xx drivers just for GeForce AGP cards or does it also work for the onboard nForce graphics?


From NVIDIA's detonator press release
Detonator 40 supports the entire TNT2‘, GeForce‘, GeForce2, GeForce3, GeForce4 consumer line of GPUs, nForce‘ and nForce2‘ platform processors, as well as the NVIDIA Quadro‘, Quadro2, Quadro4, and Quadro DCC solutions geared for professional workstation users. Through UDA, NVIDIA's software drivers are compatible with past, present and future NVIDIA GPUs, and are top-to-bottom compatible with all currently manufactured versions of NVIDIA's GPUs.
Just want to check before I try it.

Philibob 09-07-02 12:49 PM

Well, just installed it and it works quicker than before.

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