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infernozx 04-01-11 11:40 AM

Issue with current-nvidia drivers on atom/ion setup
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So I've been chasing my tail for a while now trying to figure this out. I'm not new to linux, but new to messing wtih drivers in linux.

I recently bought a Giada Cube N3, it's an Atom 330, Ion 9400m setup, with a DVI and HDMI outputs.

When I load ubuntu I have no problems, it loads, it's happy. But only if I'm using the bundled open drivers. This is running through an HDMI cable.

When I click on the driver update to get the current ones, they will install, and on the reboot, the machine will boot to a black screen. The TV says it's at 1920x1080, but nothing, just black. If I reboot plugged into the same tv with a DVI-VGA cable it works.. and displays at 1920x1080.

So I tried loading up the 173 series drivers, and they work! But I had a really hard time trying to get the audio working over hdmi.

So I put the 260 series drivers back on, and rebooted, black screen again, if I take the box to a friends house and plug it into his Samsung tv.. I get image.. no problem.. It's just when I plug it into my Dynex LCD.

I occasionally get a flash of the desktop when I'm going through the Tv's built in settings menu.. but it's just one frame here and there.

So now I've booted into Ubuntu Maverick 10.10, and loaded up the 173 drivers so that I can get the xorg.conf and log files, as well as dmesg..

I have attached the dmesg, xorg.conf, xorg.log, and edid.bin that are giving me good picture with the 173 drivers.

Is there anything else anyone would need before I go ahead and install the current drivers and get the same files again so you guys can maybe compare them?

too long, didn't read version:

173 Drivers: Works with everything, both tvs, a monitor, and over DVI and HDMI.
Current Drivers: Works with monitor (dvi-vga), Samsung (HDMI), Dynex (dvi-vga), doesn't work with Dynex (HMDI)

infernozx 04-01-11 11:45 AM

Re: Issue with current-nvidia drivers on atom/ion setup
Forgot to mention..

This link is to the xorg.log that was pulled from an openelec install on the same machine while it was hooked up to the HDMI .. that gave the same black screen results.


This link is again Openelec on the same machine, but plugged in via DVI-VGA and working at 1920x1080.


This is the dmesg output of the openelec install same machine, plugged into HDMI.. black screen.



This is the box:


And this is the TV:


AaronP 04-01-11 03:06 PM

Re: Issue with current-nvidia drivers on atom/ion setup
Does the image on the TV appear when you start playing audio over HDMI? I'm tracking down a similar bug and it looks like it's actually a bug in the audio driver.

infernozx 04-01-11 04:04 PM

Re: Issue with current-nvidia drivers on atom/ion setup
I haven't been able to play audio over hdmi actually.

I've got ubuntu with the 173 drivers loaded right now. And I've been trying to get the audio to work because that would be satisfactory for me until the other problem works itself out or I get a new TV..

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