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ExitWound 09-07-02 11:09 AM

Roommate bought a Ti4600
His paycheck was ungodly high this bi-week, having worked 96 hours, so he decided to pick up a 4600. I think it's overkill since his processor is a AMD 1.0Ghz. Still, every game he plays never drops a frame that's video related. Increased 3dmark from 4200 (gf2) to 7200. I'm going to be fiddling with AA and Aniso settings later on to see how much impact his processor will have. I suspect little.

LoRD.MuAD'diB 09-13-02 12:13 PM

Judging from the speed of his proc, you can probably get away with a good amount of FSAA and Aniso. I'd start by cranking it just for fun. I'd imagine you wont see a performance hit at all. Good luck with it. The quality of the AA is incredible on nVidia cards.

ExitWound 09-13-02 05:47 PM

Indeed! 4x on all applications with no slowdown. Games like Morrowind, however, see slowdowns but it's processor-related, not video card.

Will introduce Anisotropic filtering to him tonight and post results later.

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