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michelemarena 04-05-11 06:45 AM

DELL XPS 15, NVIDIA 550M, OPTIMUS Linux Support
I'm thinking to buy a DELL XPS 15 with Nvidia GT 550M. I'm a linux user and I wish to start to develop with CUDA. Nvidia will provide Linux drivers for this card with Optimus support?

I thank you.

michelemarena 04-05-11 09:19 AM

Re: DELL XPS 15, NVIDIA 550M, OPTIMUS Linux Support
However, I are wrong the card is NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 540M.

teox99 04-05-11 11:18 AM

Re: DELL XPS 15, NVIDIA 550M, OPTIMUS Linux Support
welcome between friends!



nkalkhof 04-05-11 11:34 AM

Re: DELL XPS 15, NVIDIA 550M, OPTIMUS Linux Support
The LEAST nvidia can do is to inform the customers that optimus does not do under linux. otherwise many "poor bastards" ....pardon the expression.....buy nvidia laptops in good faith assuming the geforce runs as expected with video output with the drivers claiming to support the gpu.
I have to warn my kolleagues and friends all the time not to step into this pitfall and spare them the need to return the notebook or to run it with windows.

what makes me angry is that some distributors sell windows-less notebooks with optimus and with preinstalled linux - or course without the information that the discrete gpu is useless in that configuration.


michelemarena 04-05-11 12:00 PM

Re: DELL XPS 15, NVIDIA 550M, OPTIMUS Linux Support
Ok. NVIDIA doesn't support OPTIMUS under LINUX!!! But Will It be possible to use the card without OPTIMUS technology? Will NVIDIA provide the driver (for LINUX) that don't exploit OPTIMUS technology or won't NVIDIA provide any driver (for LINUX) for cards with OPTIMUS technology?
Can I use the card under linux without OPTIMUS? I would like to use the card without this optimization than to not use this card with this optimization.

nkalkhof 04-05-11 01:25 PM

Re: DELL XPS 15, NVIDIA 550M, OPTIMUS Linux Support
that depends if the bios offers a hardware mux to switch the nvidia gpu directly to the monitor output. if not there is absolutely no way at all to use the nvidia gpu - not even for CUDA programming - sorry pal. join the club of disillusoined customers. :thumbdwn:

teox99 04-05-11 01:31 PM

Re: DELL XPS 15, NVIDIA 550M, OPTIMUS Linux Support
for this moment, linux and nvidia does not support optimus technology,
on recent notebook some genius (dell asus etc) disabled the switch in the bios option too
so actually you can't use nvidia card at all, and not in the end,
the nvidia card continue to use a lot of battery and if you are lucky to switch with an acpi call the card you can use the pc with nuveau driver otherwise windows is your unique choose.

DiscoDancer 04-05-11 05:05 PM

Re: DELL XPS 15, NVIDIA 550M, OPTIMUS Linux Support
I also have a dell XPS 15 sandy bridge with the optimus technology. I was looking forward to not having issues with GPU drivers because it was nvidia but guess what?? :lame:
A year ago nvidia said it had no plans to develop optimus for linux but the least they can do is to develop static drivers to use only the nvidia GPU (something like the vga_switcheroo thing) but this would require a bit of effort to work out how the nvidia card feeds into the intel on-cpu GPU since the optimus technology makes them indissociable.

There is a Google Summer of Code 2011 project to get the Nouveau drivers to support optimus (check out linux hybrid graphics) but these reverse engineered drivers will likely not ever reach the performance level of the proprietary drivers and from my understanding they don't have many of the extra features of the proprietary nvidia drivers (hdmi sound, etc). So far, the only thing people seem to be able to do is to turn off the nvidia card (and use the intel on-board card) which sucks up some battery even though it doesn't do anything.

All this to say that the situation is awful! I'm trying to ship back my Dell for a refund but Dell hasn't been very quick to respond...
Because the ATI drivers have opened up their code, the open source drivers are much more mature and the close source drivers seem to have limited switching capabilities. ATI is quickly becoming the graphics card to have if you with to install linux on a laptop.

Nvidia said they had no plans for optimus but that was a year ago ! ! ! ! These days ALL their laptop graphics cards have this optimus technology so they really MUST do something about it (maybe start with an updated communication) or they will loose the linux community market share forever. This strategy doesn't make sense either because it's telling all these linux users to look at the on-board intel GPU instead of the discreet GPU. You would think that nvidia would want to fight against intel eating up their market shares by at least providing decent drivers for all users to be able to benefit from their GPU...I don't understand this approach when driver development is significantly less costly then hardware development.
I guess nvidia has moved on to cell phones and such (tegra 2)....

michelemarena 04-06-11 02:12 AM

Re: DELL XPS 15, NVIDIA 550M, OPTIMUS Linux Support
I won't buy DELL XPS 15 or any notebook with NVIDIA. However I think this is a error by NVIDIA, because the number of linux users is growing. If I must thinking to my convenience (as Nvidia do) I will buy a notebook with a Intel HD Graphics only so I save money.

cheesiechimp 04-08-11 10:41 AM

Re: DELL XPS 15, NVIDIA 550M, OPTIMUS Linux Support
Thanks to all for sharing their experience with the Dell XPS 15 (NVIDIA 540M with Optimus) graphics on Linux.

Based on these inputs and those on other forums, I have chosen to go for an HP laptop with ATI graphics card (HP dv6t).

coin-op-console 04-08-11 12:07 PM

Re: DELL XPS 15, NVIDIA 550M, OPTIMUS Linux Support
Yes it appears to be logical to choose AMD or Intel graphics in notebook stuff if you plan to use linux. I've an nvidia g210m lenovo machine and when upgrading it I'll not choose an nvidia optimusised crap.

kettysimpson 11-29-11 05:15 PM

Re: DELL XPS 15, NVIDIA 550M, OPTIMUS Linux Support
NVIDIA is not supported under Linux OPTIMUS! ! But it would be possible to use Optimus technology card? NVIDIA offers the driver (for Linux) will not use OPTIMUS technology or provide any NVIDIA driver (for Linux) Optimus technology card?
I can not use the card under Linux OPTIMUS it? I do not think this card is optimized to use than not use this card with this optimization.

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