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Civilus 04-06-11 02:03 AM

270.30 and a few problems
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Xorg sometiems crashes (xorg-server and 1.10) with nvidia-drivres-270.30

Next strange thing is window resize corruption with composite enabled: when resizing some parts of windows didn't render properly (renders as desktop wallpaper or KDM background). When you do a lot of resizing - sometimes it hangs for a few seconds.

And next question, about old problems:
I still can reproduce:
1) Xorg sometimes didn't start. Sigsegv at startup. Happens with xorg-servre 1.9+ at least. Screen goes black, then I see garbage in text mode. Around 3-5 restarts with unloading driver helps.
2) OpenGL apps hangs when powermizer enabled. Kernel lock-up. Will be memorydump useful for this (if I'll manage to load crashkernel)

Civilus 04-21-11 05:17 AM

Re: 270.30 and a few problems
Still got issues. With 270.41.03 samething. With 270.41.06 behaviour changed - now blackscreen and systemlockup sometimes.

If it'll help, I've managed to get coredumps from xorg with 270.41.03 (execpt around 128k memory region that gdb refused to dump). It's 3.6MB. I've uploaded it to omploader: http://ompldr.org/vOGN5dA

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