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obiwahnn 04-09-11 05:20 AM

nvidia fast tty framebuffer support
Using the text ttys is very slow using higher resolution with vesafb / uvesafb / efifb
i have spent some time fiddling with grub and all sorts of fbs to get a decent
text console. And nvidiafb does not support my card:(

Does anybody know a configuration that gives me not only a high
resolution but accelerated terminal in combination with the official nvidia driver

I would use nouveau, but they have a broken X11 rendering .. at least for my card:(


obiwahnn 04-09-11 09:16 AM

Re: nvidia fast tty framebuffer support
I mean you don't have to open your driver for kms. but you should give us something as useful. maybe most user are not interested in this. But for me it is a valid reason to switch to ATI (as i just read they support kms) after 12 years using nvida. I recommended nvidia to everyone using linux, because i had the feeling that the driver are really ahead. I am not so sure if that is still true. i know that you don't care about single voices. my latest card is a 250 gts so i will keep it for a year or two, but if i am not able to use text mode by that time i'll think twice before buying a nvidia card. I have wasted 10 hours into this and really tried everything and now you really hit my pain limit i am really sick of this:thumbdwn:

The least you could do is writing a some sort of driver that replaces nvidiafb and does not interfere with the nvidia x driver.

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