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yoyogimo 08-09-03 02:00 PM

X server?
Hello. I'm a newbie to linux... fresh of the XP. I have a book, Sams Teach Yourself Red Hat Linux 9... and the manual that came with my wonderfully cheap box set of redhat9... neither of them say anything about,

X server.

Which I need to aparently have shut off for the installation of my Nvidia drivers, which at the moment I cannot get to work. Anyone out there know how to turn this bad boy off? I'm sure its simple but, so am I.

If you heard me out, thanks a bunch.

geowiz 08-09-03 10:43 PM

Stopping the bad boy
Yep, it's simple. Linux usually has virtual terminals available.

To get to a command line terminal use ctrl-alt-F1 (F2-5 also work).
Change the run level to level 3 from level 5 by issuing the command telinit 3 . This puts you in full network and multiuser mode without X.
Install the Nvidia driver.
Then switch back to run level 5 with the command telinit 5.

Suggestion: make your edits to XF86Config before you do the install. It's easier in a text editor in X than in command line mode. Also, make a backup of the file PRIOR to the edit (copy it to say XF86Config_7_9_2003_backup). May save you some hassle if you have problems.

BTW, you can switch back to X (if running) from a virtual termal by using ctrl-alt-F7 (F7 normally but could be on F8). This shouldn't be needed for this exercise but it's handy to know.

Hope that this answers your question on killing X. I leave the Nvidia driver config and install to you and their instructions.

Good luck.

yoyogimo 08-10-03 06:16 PM

Thats mucho geowiz, your advice worked swimmingly. I am now fully equipped to kick some troll ass in neverwinter nights... tho... after all that nonesense I have no desire to play the game. Anyways, thanks a lot!! Later!

Ge|atinousFury 01-22-04 09:45 PM

Sorry to resurrect this thread out of the grave, but I've installed the Nvidia graphics drivers in Fedora and I'm trying to edit my X86 config now......only problem is when I use the file browser and open the config file, I can't save it after I edit it. It won't let me save anything. How do I get to a text editor that will let me save changes?

Edit: found out about the vi command and I hit "i" to edit....but when I try "ZZ" to save and exit a red box comes up that says:

E45: 'readonly' option is set (add ! to override


geowiz 01-22-04 09:53 PM

Use the force Luke
To edit and save the XF86Config file you'll need root priv's.

Personally, I use sudo from my personal account to do almost all admin work. (man sudo )

Otherwise, log in as root and do the edit and save. Caution........ save a copy of the working XF86Config file! ( cp /etc/XF86Config /etc/XF86Config_1_21_2004.bck ) (date and indicate it is a backup ;-) )

Uh - if you need an editor try vi /etc/XF86Config . Do a man on vi - the most used text editor.

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