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Riptide 04-29-11 11:36 AM

Apple stuff hard locks?
I thought apple devices were perfect and never freaked out like this?

I had been using it then put it in my pocket. Was fine. Took the phone out of my pocket and it wouldn't come back to life. Tried plugging it in to a computer and also the wall charger. Still wouldn't work.

Had to hold down menu + power before it would reboot. After it came back up all my own personal apps are trashed on the phone and won't start up. They flash and go away. So looks like a restore from backup.

WTF? :headexplode:

six_storm 04-29-11 11:40 AM

Re: Apple stuff hard locks?
I don't own an iPhone, so I can't say anything about it. I do own a 4G iPod Photo that is STILL rocking in my car. Sorry to hear that man.

Riptide 04-29-11 11:49 AM

Re: Apple stuff hard locks?
If I restore it and the apps still won't start I'll have to call this in to VZW and get a warranty replacement.

FWIW I know two people with iPad 1's and they both have had them do some pretty odd things. One guy had the same thing happen as I did although I'm not sure if his apps were broken after the reboot. The other one had his come up with the sad apple face but it started to work again for no obvious reason.

Chinese crap. lol

Airbrushkid 04-29-11 11:50 AM

Re: Apple stuff hard locks?
I have a couple iPhones and a iPad 2 never had anything like that happen. Is your iPhone jailbroke?

Riptide 04-29-11 11:51 AM

Re: Apple stuff hard locks?
Nope. IOS 4.2.7

Airbrushkid 04-29-11 11:53 AM

Re: Apple stuff hard locks?
That's not Apple.

sad apple face
Something or someone is playing around.

Airbrushkid 04-29-11 11:54 AM

Re: Apple stuff hard locks?
I see your using verizon. Those cmda phones are messed up. I have At&t.

Q 04-29-11 12:03 PM

Re: Apple stuff hard locks?
My worker's iPhone 3GS locks up like that every 6 months. My other coworker has had a series of iPhones and never had a problem.

Riptide 04-29-11 12:04 PM

Re: Apple stuff hard locks?
As far as hard lockups go you can't blame it on VZW sorry. That's BS. It happens with iPads and iPods. I just had another person swing by my desk and mentioned the same thing happening to them and it isn't a VZW/CDMA device.

Bearclaw 05-13-11 09:49 AM

Re: Apple stuff hard locks?
Hmm, interesting.

I have had my iPhone lock up before and I just do a hard reset and it's fine.

bacon12 05-13-11 05:30 PM

Re: Apple stuff hard locks?
It seems the magic has ran out on your device. You need to purchase a new one that is at 100% magic.

Riptide 05-13-11 05:47 PM

The phone was replaced. So far so hood.

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