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G@B0 04-30-11 12:01 PM

Artifacts on the screen after launching chromium
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This started to happening after updating the driver to 270.41.06.
At first instance I thought that my video card was dying but after some tests I came to the conclusion that is either chromium or the driver.

For some weird reason, everytime I launch chromium, a lot of artifacts start to appear on the screen. It usually looks like this:


It get's worse through time and sometimes the desktop just freezes.

I can only reproduce the problem with chromium. I can use any other program, browser, etc. without problems, it's just chromium.

This is getting me crazy, cuz I need chromium.

I attached the log. Just in case, I'm using Arch x64 with KDE SC 4.6.2.

XjCook 04-30-11 12:57 PM

Re: Artifacts on the screen after launching chromium
I can confirm this problem, but I can't reproduce. For me artifacts appeared (from 270.41.03) randomly and not every time when I launch chromium.

My system is also ArchLinux 64bit with KDE 4.6.2

G@B0 05-03-11 05:33 PM

Re: Artifacts on the screen after launching chromium
Update: It seems that now I can use chromium. All I did was change the GTK style in System Settings and Select Style: Use current KDE style (oxygen) and that fixed the problem.

I haven't encounter any problem in some hours and I hope this won't happen again.

Maybe this bug is relationated with this other bug:
270.30 && KDE Konsole - system freeze after pressing maximize button

Fix this NVIDIA!

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