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wintersky 09-07-02 02:30 PM

bad cursor after X in framebuffer console
I downloaded recently the NVidia 2960 drivers and installed them and yes, they are great! But here is the problem.

After using X for some time and exiting back to the console mode the cursor changes from the standard flashing line to 3 little magenta squares, placed at the top of the current line (the one i currently type on). This is very annoying and i tried to fix it, by making a custom flashing cursor with an ESC sequence, changing the resolution with fbset, using textconfig (to store the current VGA registeres before X and restores them back), but with NO success. Guys, i love my flashing white cursor and i want it back!

Here is something about my system:
Slackware Linux 8.1, Xfree 4.2.0, kernel 2.4.19 with riva framebuffer compiled in
videocard Geforce 2 GTS/32Mb

Thunderbird 09-07-02 02:38 PM

Riva framebuffer support is also called "rivafb".

Rivafb is a framebuffer driver for nvidia cards made using xfree86 sources and leaked nvidia stuff. It wasn't made by nvidia. Because the programmers who made rivafb don't know everything about nvidia's cards it is very, very buggy and unstable.

Normally it already doesn't function stable and without problems but it is even worse with nvidia's drivers.

Replace rivafb with vesafb if you want any framebuffer. That's the only solution.

wintersky 09-07-02 02:46 PM

doesn't work...
WOW! It took less than 10 minutes to answer my question. I cant believe it ! :) Thank you !

I tried with vesafb too, but with no luck... :(
The cursor scrambles the same way it does with rivafb.

Thunderbird 09-08-02 03:17 AM

Sure you recompiled your kernel without any rivafb? And now try without a framebuffer.

wintersky 09-08-02 04:17 AM

Yes, i recompiled one kernel without rivafb and with vesafb, and one without fb at all. I don't have the problem with the second one, but i need a framebuffer to set my console mode at a higher refresh rate, cause i have some problem with my eyes....
Any suggestions?

Thunderbird 09-08-02 05:02 AM

There's only one solution left: fix rivafb.

Klaus-P 09-08-02 08:45 AM

wintersky wrote:

" Guys, i love my flashing white cursor and i want it back!"

I'm sorry, I've no experience with any riva framebuffer stuff :-).
BUT, why do you not boot your Linux in the good
old VGA normal mode and (it does not matter whether or not xdm enabled).
You may switch from X to a textconsol, great font size, black background, white fonts and
a WHITE flashing cursor ??? And no debugging of any fb drivers is necessary.

hkmaly 10-09-03 01:18 PM

Similar problem
I think I have similar problem. I have two Xes on my comp - one libc5 and one libc6 (chrooted). When I run libc6 X with NVidia driver and then run libc5 X (of course without NVidia driver) cursor is damaged - sometime there are two smaller cursors around "right" position, sometime there are two smaller things around without shape of selected cursor.<BR>

I think NVidia drivers don't restore graphics cursor properly. SW reset (by running DOSemu) didn't help.

hkmaly 10-10-03 08:26 AM

Ok, I found I used old 29xx drivers. I updated to newest drivers. Now its totally different - there are four "cursors", smallers that before. Wintersky had three ... I suppose he used 3xxx version and now I'm downloading 1xxx version and hope cursor will be OK :-)

pe1chl 10-10-03 11:17 AM

Do you have a real need for framebuffer?
I just did as others wrote, rip out all the framebuffer stuff and use textmode.
The first thing after boot is starting X anyway, and I never see the textmode screen again until the next boot (which normally is 2-3 months away)

hkmaly 10-13-03 09:11 AM

I don't use framebuffer, I use SVGATextMode. I have problem with other (non-accelerated) X. BTW, I don't start X just after boot. And I turn off my computer every night because I have it next to bed and I haven't water cooling.

hkmaly 11-07-03 11:59 AM

Hmmm ... 1xxx version haven't cursor OK and last 3xxx don't show three ...

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