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hephooey 05-01-11 09:24 AM

Cannot suspend with 270.41.03+bluetooth+DynamicTwinView
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This is a weired problem, but after some test and 30+ hard reset this morning I am pretty sure about it: I recently upgrade the NVIDIA driver from 260.19.44 to 270.41.03 (I know I should try 270.41.06, but the changelog does not looks relevant to this bug). And my laptop no longer suspends if I have twinview enable in nvidia-settings, then enable/disable bluetooth using rfkill interface. I use a Thinkpad W510, and it suspends ok if I disable twinview, or I do not change the state of bluetooth. But it always failed to suspend if I make any change to the bluetooth system, disable it in rfkill, disable it in bluedevil, disable it and enable it again, always result in blink cursor and crazy fan noise when I try to suspend. Simply downgrade to 260.19.44 solves the problem, no other changes are needed. Somehow I noticed when I downgrade from 270.41.03, after the first reboot there is no bluetooth device at all, not /sys interface, only when I do a second reboot the bluetooth device reappears.

I have two nvidia-bug-report.log in the attachment, "nvidia-bug-report.log.good.gz" is the log when I had no twinview but bluetooth disabled, the laptop suspended fine. "vidia-bug-report.log.bad.gz" is the log after I enabled twinview, and the suspension I tried after this failed.

gqman69 05-01-11 09:46 AM

Re: Cannot suspend with 270.41.03+bluetooth+DynamicTwinView
Did you try with NVreg_EnableMSI=1 ?

Might be a problem related to have you bluetooth device (usb maybe?) on the same IRQ? Long shot...

hephooey 05-01-11 11:30 AM

Re: Cannot suspend with 270.41.03+bluetooth+DynamicTwinView
Thanks for the suggestion. Just tried NVreg_EnableMSI=1, and also 270.41.06, still cannot suspend :(

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