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arios2mx 08-09-03 09:32 PM

After Nvidia Driver xmms & OpenOffice 'segfault' SOLVED!
I got 'segmentation fault' after I installed the latest Nvidia driver.
I had not update my system


I installed the latest version of glibc and its dependencies.


xmms & OpenOffice are working perfectly, and I have 3d support activated.

Ross Clement 08-10-03 02:05 PM

Hi. Which glibc version do you count as the 'latest'?

Thanks in anticipation,


arios2mx 08-10-03 08:05 PM

[user@ws user]$ rpm -q glibc

I hope it helps


alienthrylos 08-11-03 02:57 PM

the cause of the problem
well the segmentation fault error message is common in every unix os.
Each user has a stack variable. Sometimes applications need to do some work recursively. That is functions of a program execute theirselves. The operating system stacks the data and the memory addresses in the memmory. In unix as i said there is a limit to the size of the max allowed stack so that no user may consume excesively too many resources on the expense of other users.
Therefore when the stack hits the limit you get this error message.
Sometimes erroneous code may cause a stack overlow error. From what you said i guess that there was some bug in your libraries that was later fixed.

arios2mx 08-11-03 05:34 PM



After reading several times your post I think you are not satisfed with my achievement. I think it sounds like ' So what, It so simple you just have to... '
I know this is the simplest task some computer user could do I spent 7 days to know that.
I was motivated to post my experiencies without trying to teach you, this post exists just to help someone to save time.


First of all , English is NOT my native language please forgive some meaningless statements

I bought a PIV 3.0Ghz Computer
I bought a Gforce4 128Mb video Card
I bought and extremly expensive OS
(redhat Personal @ $150.00USD)
I sometimes HATE Linux it is not perfect.
I don't live inside USA so when I buy I pay more.
I spent almost a week without OpenOffice & xmms with my amazing, newest, fastest, 3d support enable system.
I contacted REDHAT '-we only support 2d video card installation'.
I was looking for almost a week for a solution on Google, Altavista, ...

I was really amazed with your statement Were where you when I was looking for help?

Do you really thing I care for what causes this problem?

Do you really thing I am satisfied with my latest Redhat 9 Personal edition glibc bug included with anti-3d video support for only $150.00USD.

If it is so easy why Redhat didn't solve this before I bought it? I know you are going to say : "Look for redhat support"

I really DoN't understand!! **Thanks a lot Linux GURU's **

Where are you when we need you?
or WHat Do you want to tell us when we need something?

Ross Clement 08-12-03 03:46 AM

Guys, guys, calm down.

arios2mx, I don't think alienthrylos was trying to put you down, or devalue your achievement. I understand your frustration with things, as I'm frustrated by my continuing failure to get 3d working on my computer (though, switching to Mandrake 9.1. appears to be a solution). And, I didn't pay anything for my OS (other than cd blanks).

Linux nowdays often seems to work pretty well out of the box, but if it doesn't, then things can get very complicated very fast. However, if you cruise around various bulletin boards, you can see that the same applies to other operating systems as well.



alienthrylos 08-12-03 04:32 AM

arios2mx i really don't understand why you are so upset. I didn't expect you to be pissed. I feel sorry about that. I simply posted what causes a "segmentation fault" error.
If you feel as if you made an achievement then that's fine. After all there wasn't some bug or problem caused by you in the first place.

AS FAR AS THE LINUX GURU...if i had all the answers i would be a BILLionaire:)
But i ain't :( Of course you never call yourself linux guru. You become linux guru when others call you linux guru.

Oh and i discovered nvnews fairly recently ok? I am rated RIVA 128 as you see:afro:

cfm 09-04-03 03:48 PM

arios2mx thank you for posting your solution. It saved me a lot of work.

BTW I don't think alienthrylos was knocking your achievement ..... some things get lost in the translation I guess.

Thanks again

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