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emuleiji 08-09-03 11:00 PM

Will a new cpu and mboards be that great ?
Im not a newbie but this might sound like stupid from me...

I have a p3 667, asus cuv4x, agp4x, 128 sd133, gf fx 5200 128m,etc

I do about 3332 in 3dmark 2k1 and 751 in 2k3... and I wanna know will I be able to reach easely 10 000 in 2k1 and about 2000 in 2k3 if I swith to an athlon 2500+ with nf2 mboard ???


bkswaney 08-10-03 12:15 AM

You should be able to with a 2500+ and NF2. :)

{Sniping}Waste 08-24-03 01:18 PM

NO not with that 5200FX. The sad thing is a GF4 MX will out score the 5200 FX. The best score with the 5200 FX and 2500+ is about 5000 for 3Dmark 2001. Now with a better Vcard, you can hit 10000 marks with a GF 3 or up or ATI 8500 or up.

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