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RAMChYLD 05-04-11 11:08 PM

GeForce4 cards with XOrg 1.10.1
I've posted this to the Linux forums but did not get any response. So I'm posting this here.

I have a GeForce4 MX440 8X card with the 96.43.19 driver. Since Debian Sid upgraded to XOrg 1.10.1 a few days ago, I am not able to start XOrg. It would complain that the ABI is too old and not start. Adding the IgnoreABI option to XOrg.conf did not help.

Does anyone else have any suggestions? Any options that require me to fork out more cash is a no-go right now, and neither is using Nouveau.

luinuz 06-14-11 07:12 PM

Re: GeForce4 cards with XOrg 1.10.1
I have the same problem. I don't like nouveau because not has brightness and other controls support.

Q 06-14-11 07:39 PM

Re: GeForce4 cards with XOrg 1.10.1
I hate to be a dick, but you're talking about a nearly 10 year old video card that cost maybe $40 when new. I suggest rolling back XOrg if possible, deal with VESA, or fork over $10 for a card a few years newer if you can find one in AGP. Not a lot of good choices, I'm afraid.

luinuz 06-15-11 03:41 AM

Re: GeForce4 cards with XOrg 1.10.1
Hi Q.

I explain mi situation. I use driver 96-xx with xorg 1.9 but, I would like to continue to use this driver as my card to work, and for it the best is update the driver.

If the driver is not updated, surely in some time will be imposible use a gnu package manager in *nix systems with this driver; distros not have in their repos old versions of xorg, and when I try install something the dependencies will not be satisfied because I will need to install xorg 1.9 from sources instead of precompiled package.
The use of *nix systems without package manager is not recommended.

Why I need to buy other graphic card If mi geforce mx 400 works fine?
I don't like throwing things away that work.

Maybe I'm wrong but I think when you buy some HW you are buying full support for the HW life.
One of the difference between bad and good vendors is the support; the customer service.

I understand you but, you understand me now?

P.D. Sorry for my english.

luinuz 06-15-11 05:53 AM

Re: GeForce4 cards with XOrg 1.10.1
Good news. I found this http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/show....php?p=2442526

johnhawk 11-08-11 05:09 AM

Re: GeForce4 cards with XOrg 1.10.1
Wow very nice one post here. Keep it up........!

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