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pjones-linux 05-09-11 10:50 AM

Problems with NVIDIA driver, RHEL6 and DELL T3500's

At our company we have over 500 DELL T3500's running RHEL4.8 i386.

All of these have NVIDIA Quadro NVS 295 cards with driver version 185.18.14-3. This has proved very reliable for several years.

At the moment we're looking at upgrading to RHEL6 Desktop x86_64. Unfortunately we've been having a lot of ACPI related problems. These have persisted across several driver versions including:


Different versions of the T3500 BIOS have failed to resolve the problems. A03 is the most reliable version, but isn't available for systems with newer Intel CPU's. A08 is the version Certified to run RHEL6, and this has numerous problems when the NVIDIA driver is installed. Later versions are also no better.

So far I've had to resort to using the following grub options to get the system to work correctly:
pci=noacpi acpi_irq_nobalance

The same ACPI issues are not present on older T3400 systems. Thus far neither Dell nor Red Hat are interested in offering any support. Both have only certified the OS on the hardware with the nouveau driver.

As the problem doesn't exist on the T3400 hardware, I'm thinking it's an issue with the implementation of ACPI on the T3500's.

Is there anything we can do to identify the specifics of the problems? Does NVIDIA offer any commercial support for the linux drivers?

The symptoms we see are slow boot times and shut down times often leading to complete system hangs. Pressing keys and the power button is often the only way to progress or wake the system. We also get occasional slowdown on the system. If we disable ACPI, or add the options mentioned above, then the system behaves significantly better.

Given we make use of 3D and are also looking at CUDA we'd really like to get the driver issues sorted. Is there any support agreements between Dell, Red Hat and NVIDIA?

Thanks in advance for any help or answers to the above,



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