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franzmaria 05-09-11 04:56 PM

X.Org X Server 1.9.5 crashes on GeForce 8300 GS.
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Since a few months now I experience random crashes.
Crashes happen since I pass to Fedora 14, fresh installation.
I removed the nouveau driver and I successfully installed the NVIDIA driver.
I used nvidia rpmfusion driver.

I tried to solve the problem using some kernel boot options like recommended in some forums, but without success.

I had the same problem with Fedora 12 one year ago; so I returned to use Fedora 11 and use it for more than a year without problems.
So there were some changes in Fedora 12, and still in Fedora 14, which causes crashes in my computer. I know nothing about Fedora 13 because I've never tried to use it.

I can't generate the bug report after the crash because I can't run commands anymore.
Display is frozen, no reaction at all to key presses or mouse. NumLock etc.
Keyboard lights do not react.
I notice that during boot the NVIDIA logo doesn't display, but the X server starts correctly.
Sometimes the NVIDIA logo displays during boot, but in this case the X server doesnn't start and I have to reboot.

If I use the vesa driver, removing nvidia driver, computer never freezes. All it's slower but it's OK.
But with vesa driver resolution is set to 1280x1024 and it's not possible to set the correct one (1440x900).

If I use the vesa driver, withouth removing nvidia driver, computer randomly crashes but in a different way.
Display is not frozen, but the refresh and the reaction to key press and mouse are very slow (about every 4-5 seconds)

Motherboard MSI MS-7301.
Video card NVIDIA GeForce 8300 GS 128M.
Monitor Packard Bell PKB VIS 190WS.

The provided nvidia-bug-report.log.gz has been generated less than 30 seconds before the freeze, I am running nvidia-bug-report.sh in a shell script every 30 seconds for the purpose of this bug report.
watch -n 30 nvidia-bug-report.sh

Any idea on how to solve this issue?

I would be pleased to provide more information if someone can provide me a way to generate one.

Thanks in advance for you help.


franzmaria 05-20-11 03:03 PM

Re: X.Org X Server 1.9.5 crashes on GeForce 8300 GS.
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I found this row in Xorg.0.log before a crash:

[ 332.732] (WW) NVIDIA(0): WAIT (2, 6, 0x8000, 0xdfff2fff, 0x00005714)

I attached the nvidia-bug-report.
Is it useful?

Thanks in advance for you help.


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