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Dr_Gigolo 09-07-02 06:15 PM

TV-out not working nomatter what driver..
I can't get the TV-out on my Creative GeForce3 Ti200 working anymore. When I go into the output selection menu-thingie, TV-out is grayed out. But it finds the Conexant TV-out chip!
No matter what driver I use, this happens. Didn't use to have this problem when I bought the card. I have my TV on and everything when I boot up, WORKING SVHS cable from the TV-out to the TV. But it simply won't work *sigh*
If I use TVTool, TV-out works perfectly. But TVTool costs money :(
I can't afford TVTool. And this is supposed to be in the nVidia drivers. Why isn't it working? I even tried Creative's 30.82 drivers. No go there either. Currently using 40.41.

Hope some of you guys can help me..


PCarr78 09-08-02 05:50 PM

Try completely removing any traced of the detonator drivers and then reinstalling.

NickSpolec 09-08-02 08:34 PM

Uh.. No.. Don't remove any trace of the Detonators. It's not a driver problem. It's a bios problem.

Common fare for OEM and Third Party GeForce3 cards.

You should use the reference Nvidia GeForce3ti200 bios. You will find TV out and TV in will work.

That, or get an updated bios from Creative.

PCarr78 09-08-02 08:35 PM

then why does it work with tvtool?

NickSpolec 09-08-02 08:42 PM

Oh yeah, you can tell it's a bios problem by reverting back to a pre-DirectX 8 driver set, like 21.xx. Chalk it up to first rev Bios incompatibility with DirectX 8 drivers.

NickSpolec 09-08-02 08:51 PM

Well, because TVTool doesn't initialize the TV output like Nvidia control panel does. TVTool goes directly through the TV chip. The Nvidia control panel calls the bios, to call the TV chip, to call the TV out.

But Nvidia also uses the bios/drivers to recognize the settings of the card. And when the Bios is incompatible with the drivers, the Nvidia control panel/drivers can't recognize the Tv chip.

While you need a 21.xx driver of before to work the TV out with the current bios, it's not a "Driver problem".

Believe me.

Back when MSI had a huge outcry because their GeForce3ti200 TV out wouldn't work with any drivers except 21.xx, I was the one to figure out the Bios problem and solve it. How? Using the reference Nvidia GeForce3ti200 bios.

Dr_Gigolo 09-09-02 03:02 AM

Thanks for your help. Where can I get an nVidia BIOS for the GF3Ti200?

cthulhu 09-10-02 06:59 AM

I'd like a BIOS for my Palit Crap GF3Ti200 128MB w/ defunc TV-out too. Would a nvidia ref. BIOS work for me even though my card has 128MB?
My current BIOS version is (AFAIR) :p

NickSpolec 09-10-02 10:16 PM

You can find the bios here...


Look under the GeForce3 section, then ti200, then Nvidia reference bios.. Or something like that..

And yes, it should work with the 128mb card.. Just backup your old bios before you even consider flashing. Also boot with a boot disk into dos before you flash.

But, if you have Win98, you are in luck. There is a resident driver that you can load in the autoexec.bat that will load the bios into your memory, no flashing or anything, and when you turn off the computer, it is deloaded. So, it's perfectly safe (it's what I use).

cthulhu 09-11-02 02:34 AM

Which of the two BIOSes should I choose then (which one is newer)?
They both seem pretty old to me, since my current BIOS version is
I think I'll have a look at them with Ray's BIOS editor :)

NickSpolec 09-11-02 09:56 AM

I am using

The age of the reference bios doesn't suddenly make them bad, or unsafe.. Don't feel comfortable with the "newess" of your bios revision. Just because it has a later revision, doesn't mean it is better.

If you have vender specific programs that will only run by matching PCI vender ID's and stuff found on your current bios (like MSI does), flashing to a reference bios may render those programs unrunable.

Hacking the bios and making the ID's the same as your current bios will fix this.

But also, if you have Win98, you don't have to worry about that because you can use VGABios and have the bios loaded as a memory resident program. The vender specific programs will still read the cards bios, but the Nvidia control panel/drivers will read the loaded bios... As long as the VGABios program is the very last autoexec.bat entry.

Also, to see if you have the "Bios Not Fully Compatable with Full DirectX 8 Drivers", download the 21.xx drivers, load them, and then see if TV out (and TV in) works.

One more note. No matter what Bios you have, if you have really late driver sets from Nvidia (like past 28.xx), it MAY be necessary to use the newest Nvidia Capture drivers to get TV IN to work properly.


I haven't tried Video Capturing since I updated to the newest Capture drivers, but before I did, using 29.80 drivers, WinCoder and any other Capture program would freeze when initializing the S-Video input.

I will make an update. Maybe it's just the sh*t that is the MSI video card (they make good motherboards though) that is so glitchy and screwed up that I am out of luck (it's not the nvidia bios being used to fix TV in that is causing it either.. I have tried newer bioses from MSI that fix TV in and it's the same...).


cthulhu 09-11-02 11:11 AM

First of all, thanks for all your suggestions :)

Next, to clarify:
  1. My card does not have TV-IN
  2. Im using WinXP
  3. The manufacturer of my card (Palit), can write one single program, so no there are no vendor specific programs for my card.
I may try that when time allows it.

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