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ExitWound 07-29-02 08:25 PM

Graphics on the Forums
I find the checkboxes and such completely BORING and would like to see some new ones, some personal ones that say "We are nVnews". Perhaps the nvidia n glowing or not glowing, just something to set the boards apart from default. Whatcha think?

volt 07-29-02 08:54 PM

I could make a whole new set of forum graphics...just let me know :)

ExitWound 07-29-02 09:32 PM

Well so could I! I challenge you to a du-el.

volt 07-29-02 09:52 PM

hahah, are you positive ?
what are the rules ?

I say:

1. Colors that resemble nvnews main page
2. Re-design the buttons (however you like)
3. Forget the smilies (for now)
4. ?

But what's the chance that it will be used ? lol

Matthyahuw 07-29-02 10:03 PM

I think that's a great idea!
Exit did a great job over at Envy, lets see what you 2 can do together, maybe even a mix of the 2!
If Mike approves of it, we can vote on em or something!?

volt 07-29-02 10:17 PM

I will start right when Mike gives it a go. Otherwise I think it would be a waste of our time :)

ExitWound 07-29-02 11:57 PM

practicing ones talents is never a waste of time.

I'll do a few, see what develops.

volt 07-30-02 12:04 AM

heh, okay than

JonathanM 07-30-02 01:15 PM

yeah, we really need to spark this place up and give it some unique vibe...

|JuiceZ| 07-31-02 08:14 AM


Originally posted by JonathanM
yeah, we really need to spark this place up and give it some unique vibe...
yes, a vibe thats been long overdue. Hopefully Mike honors some the new graphics :)

Kruno 07-31-02 09:22 AM

I have some really nice graphics I made myself. When I mean nice I mean extrodinary. :p ;) :D

pelly 07-31-02 09:42 AM

I know this is such a noobie question...but what apps do you use to create your graphics?


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