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ragejg 08-11-03 11:55 AM

Some sort of cruel joke? Who stole my 1000th post?
...So I make my 1000th post, and post my "thank you" thread... leave for lunch, come back, and BOOM!! I'm back down to 999!!

What the...???

If I get a post deleted, it's usually accompanied by a PM...

What happened? What post of mine could EVER warrant deleting? I mean come on, they're all GOLDEN!! ;);) :D

... :nono: :wtf:

vampireuk 08-11-03 12:03 PM

Some thread may have gotten nuked that contained one of your threads.

The Baron 08-11-03 02:49 PM

I think it happens as old threads are archives.

|JuiceZ| 08-12-03 08:46 AM

no its just a big conspiracy against you ragejg :p

ragejg 08-12-03 08:54 AM

There always is...

salt in the sugar shaker

sugar in my gas tank

gas in my fish tank

fish in my toilet water

toilet water in my pool

pool water in the water cooler

:D :D:angel2:

AshG 08-12-03 07:42 PM

I remember when we switched from UBB6 to vB... WHen the code went from CGI to php, several oldies gagged when their "new" post count was a few hundred off.... Mike had gone through pruning old, old, old stuff that was pretty much useless and some of us watched out counts dwindle away.

It was pretty funny once we figured out what had happenned.

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