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Rebeldawg 06-01-11 12:36 AM

RMA Question
I'm thinking about rma'ing my old video card which is a 9600 gt I was wondering if it was upgraded to a newer card what the newer card might be? Thanks in advance.

john19055 06-01-11 03:58 AM

Re: RMA Question
What brand is the card ,It useally what they have laying around ,sometimes you get a great upgrade and other times you just get a 9600GT back if they have one.

Rebeldawg 06-01-11 06:03 AM

Re: RMA Question
It's an evga brand.

john19055 06-06-11 08:27 PM

Re: RMA Question
you might get lucky and get a good upgrade since they useally don't have nothing that old,but you never know.

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