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Moo 06-06-11 09:55 AM

Get a free Xbox 360 if you buy a Windows PC $699+
(xpost from For Sale/Trade forum)

Microsoft jumps Apple on back to school promotion. This is a nice deal if you have an .edu email address.

REDMOND, Wash. — May 19, 2011 — Microsoft Corp. today announced a new offer for students who purchase a new Windows 7-based PC. Starting May 22, students buying a new Windows 7-based PC priced at $699 (U.S.) or more will also get a free Xbox 360 4GB console. Students will be able to choose from the wide range of stylish, powerful and innovative Windows 7-based PCs to find the one that’s right for them based on the features, color, size and price they want. The offer is available at participating retailers for current students in the U.S. while supplies last. Similar student-focused offers will be coming soon in Canada and France.

Deal ends September 3rd, 2011.


Hogrider 06-08-11 09:43 PM

Re: Get a free Xbox 360 if you buy a Windows PC $699+
Best Buy, Amazon, Dell, HP and the Microsoft Store are honoring this but each one has different rules. Best Buy for instance has it where only laptop purchases of $699.99 and up are eligible.
HP has you paying $690 and up for a PC but only certain PCS are eligible...
HP Offer Details
Qualifying PCs:
Product Offer Inclusions:

Laptops: dm4x, dv6tse, dv6tq, dv7tq, tm2t, Envy 14, Envy 14 Beats, Envy 17, Envy 173D.
Desktops: 610z, 610t, 610xt, 610q, h8t, h8z, h8xt, h8qe, h8se, 200-5250, 310-1020, 510f, 500f, 600-1350, 610-1030, 570f, 600-1370, 610-1050, 600-1390.
Product Offer Exclusions:
Laptops: g6s, g6t, g4t, g7t, g6x, dm1z, dv4t, dv5t, dm3t, dm4t, dv6t, dv6z Select Edition, dv7t, ProBook 4520s, ProBook 4530s, EliteBook 8440p, 110-3530, 210-2170NR, 210-2160NR, 210-2130NR, CQ62-410us, dm1-3020us, g6-1a52nr, g42-410us, dm3-3110us, g4-1010us, g4-1020us, dv6-3210us, g6-1a69us, g7-1070us, dv6-3230us, dv5-2230us, dm4-1160us, dv6-3240us, dv6-3250us, dm4-1277sb, dv7-4277nr, tm2-2150us, dv74280us, dv6-6091nr, Envy 14-1210NR, Envy14-1260SE, dv7-4295us, Envy17-2070NR, Envy17-2090NR.
Desktops: p67 series, p7 series, s57 series, s5 series, 500z, 510t, hp8m, Omni 100t, Omni 100z, Omni 200t, 310z, CQ5720f, CQ5700f, S5730f, S5710f, S5660f, p6750f, p6740f, p6730f, p6710f, Omni 100-5155, Omni 100-5050, CQ1-2025, CQ1-1225.

We bought a 610-1030y from Best Buy this weekend and they wouldn't let us get the free XBOX. I told my wife we should order online through HP but of course she didn't want to have to wait for it to be shipped so we lost out on a free XBOX.
Women... :headexplode:

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