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trivium nate 06-12-11 07:50 AM

No signal
Every time I turn on my pc my tv says no signal, i have to like unplug the tv from the pc or restart the pc for it to work sometimes multiple times...i am using 275.33 whql drivers... anyone have any ideas? thanks yes the Tv works...

trivium nate 06-14-11 09:33 PM

Re: No signal

Hogrider 06-14-11 09:50 PM

Re: No signal
The tv is probably not recognizing a signal.

mullet 06-14-11 10:57 PM

Re: No signal
Try a different HDMI port.

Q 06-14-11 11:04 PM

Re: No signal
What brand TV? Have you tried swapping HDMI cables? Did the changes only start after a driver revision.

Have you ever worked at a help desk? lol

Hogrider 06-14-11 11:25 PM

Re: No signal
Try unplugging the tv or restarting the pc. Does the tv work?

trivium nate 06-15-11 10:34 PM

Re: No signal
the TV works, its a vizio, i could try a different hdmi out

mullet 06-16-11 12:04 AM

Re: No signal

Greedo 06-16-11 12:30 AM

Re: No signal

Originally Posted by Hogrider (Post 2445343)
The tv is probably not recognizing a signal.



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