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Emoktanar 08-12-03 08:26 AM

Garbled Text in X
When I go into X I just get garbled text on my screen and my Linux locks up..? Anyone know how to fix this or what this is all about?
I have tried 3 different kernels all with the patch from nvidia website, I am running Gentoo BTW.
gentoo-sources-r5, vanilla 2.4 the l8test, gaming-sources r3.
My XConfig is properly configured. I am trying the latest drivers from Nvidia with no success.
Mobo= EPOX 8RDA+
AMD XP 1900


Emoktanar 08-12-03 09:26 AM

Vid card
My video card is an Nvidia/ Leadtek Geforce 4 TI 4400 128MB

lr77 09-26-03 01:37 AM

Got exactly the same problem here.
I am running Gentoo with 2.4.20 gaming r3 and also have installed the nvidia module (and tried to to emerge the module).

Until here all worked fine....the nvidia module is loaded and I can see it with lsmod. I also set the driver from "nv" to "nvidia" as recommended by the README.

Now when I type "startx" the monitor switches to some higher mode. There is now a white Background with some green scrambled something I cannot see correctly. I suppose its the nvidia logo perhaps. Then I started waiting for I think about a minute and nothing happened so I decided to hit CTRL-ALT-DEL and this (even when I couldn't see it) reboots the machine without corrupting any drives.

So if you found a solution to this please tell me whats to be done.



Rooney 09-28-03 09:00 AM

I get this problem also if any one can help because it annoying have to use "nv" I don't get openGL :(

Im using the Chaintech GeforceFX 5200 ultra 128mb.

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