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cheechr1 06-16-11 12:05 AM

GTX480 SLI breaks ProjectM Visualization
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Nice to see fermi SLI is finally working (for me anyway). I have tried a few different SLI modes with ProjectM music visualizations (Milkdrop) with mixed results:

Alternate Frame Rendering: Ubuntu is very choppy, especially with compiz enhanced zoom and gaming. I have never seen PojectM work with this SLI option. Games will work though.

Anti Aliasing: Ubuntu will freeze a second or two after logging in.

Single Frame Rendering: Runs surprisingly smooth (compared to AFR), native linux games seem to have a lower than normal framerate though. Unigine Heaven with this mode and 3 GTX480's results in 14 FPS in the opening scene. I tried GTA San Andreas in Wine and it ran quite smooth. ProjectM ran once in this SLI mode. Sometimes ProjectM will display old and highly corrupted images of other programs when opened, which makes me believe this is some sort of memory issue.

I am also experiencing hard freezes when using SLI which I cannot even use Alt+PrntScrn commands. Will try a SSH capture and report back. For now just a kern.log with the projectM info. It says something about projectM running out of memory, from what I can tell.

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