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thecollector 08-12-03 05:40 PM

OpenGL question
Hello, I'm kind of new to Linux and need help with running Heretic II computer game demo.

I have RHLinux 8 with the latest kernel, and I just downloaded "Loki Update". I used that to download Heretic 2 demo, but when i ran it, i changed a video options (dont remember what, sorry) it shut down on me. I tried to run it again and, I'll put the relavant output below:
Initializing VID module
ref_gl version: GL 2.0
Glimp_Init(...): +++++++++++++++++
Using SDL video subsystem
Loading GL driver from /usr/local/games/Loki_Demos/demos/heretic2_demo/gl_drivers/libGL.so
Could not load OpenGL: Could not load OpenGL library
Exiting Heretic II...
Shutting down sound.
Shutting down input handling
[root@localhost heretic2_demo]#

I don't understand why it could not load OpenGL library. I dont know what it is. I went to opengl.org to download opengl and the website said they dont make opengl and to go to my video cards or games manufacturer, so i came here because i have a GForce 2 card. I love computer games and im new to Linux, please help me! what must i do to make this game run?

geowiz 08-12-03 07:19 PM

Well, I don't run Heretic 2 but I do run Quake 2 and the solution is that the OpenGL lib in the directory you listed is a standard X11R6 lib but Nvidia has their own for their cards. I assume you have loaded the Nvidia driver ( to check use rpm -q NVIDIA_kernel )

So, try moving the /usr/local/games/Loki_Demos/demos/heretic2_demo/gl_drivers/libGL.so out of the way (rename it to say libGL.so_original) and make a symbolic link from /usr/lib/libGL.so to /usr/local/......./libGL.so . So when the game calls it's own lib it actually points to the Nvidia system libGL !

Not to be insulting but here are some more explicit instructions.
1)Check to see that libGL.so is in /usr/lib
ls -l /usr/lib/libGL.so
2) If so, then
cd /usr/local/games/Loki_Demos/demos/heretic2_demo/gl_drivers/
mv libGL.so libGL.so_original (as root user)
ln -s /usr/lib/libGL.so libGL.so (as root user)
3) run the game and see if it works ;-)

I noticed that in your listing you were running as the root user. It's best not to run as root but as a regular user. Security and reduced risk of "messing" things up.

Good luck

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