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snowmanwithahat 06-22-11 11:50 AM

Another GTX 470?
I'm having slight performance issues with my computer and the 30" screen I recently purchased. A single 470 is good for most things but it definitely could use a nice boost to performance.

I'm thinking of picking up another gtx 470 for $170, something I see as a fairly good deal, but I can't decide if I want to take the risk.

#1. I'm on a 775 motherboard that doesn't support SLI. I'm looking at using the SLI-Patch to get enable sli... It's kind of rosky though because I don't think it's really being developed anymore and I'm not sure it works with 4xx series cards.

#2. Being on a Q6600 (3.4ghz) will this be a significant bottleneck to these 2 cards? I'm leaning towards no... but I really am not sure either way.

#3. 750w PSU. I'm thinking this will be enough, but it's old and technically all it says it supports was 8800 GTX sli (it's an older unit)... it does have 60a on the 12v rail though, making me think it should be adequate.

Any input is more than welcome

Intel17 06-28-11 08:41 PM

Re: Another GTX 470?
I'm not sure how well SLI hacks work, but I do know that when I added a 2nd GTX 470, all my performance issues disappeared, just as you're hoping they will.

The 750W is more than enough as long as it's a quality unit, and the Q6600 @ 3.4GHz is plenty fast.

Roadhog 06-28-11 08:45 PM

Re: Another GTX 470?
you might need more vram. Make sure to check your vram usage in the games you play using gpuz to find out.

snowmanwithahat 06-29-11 12:35 AM

Re: Another GTX 470?

Originally Posted by Roadhog (Post 2450529)
you might need more vram. Make sure to check your vram usage in the games you play using gpuz to find out.

I went through with it... You're spot on about that being an issue but so far it has only been an issue in Metro2033, everything else has been great:D

Roadhog 06-29-11 12:39 AM

Re: Another GTX 470?
Really, id just stick with your single 470, and wait till the next gen gpus are out and then do a full system upgrade. Start saving. :p

john19055 06-29-11 03:28 AM

Re: Another GTX 470?
You can get a GTX 470 as low as $150 and they scale very good.If you have a 30" LCD and run at 2560x1600 then you need that extra horse power.

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