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kokolo 07-03-11 04:28 AM

linux 3.0 & legacy driver


96.xx.xxx driver complains about sources, i didn't do nothing different than in other self compiled kernels

tried setting recommended env variables and/or pointing the installer to the sources

and another thing, how does this :captnkill: smiley not roll over

primerib 07-31-11 02:01 AM

Re: linux 3.0 & legacy driver
I got the same problem with stable kernel 3.0.0 and stable nvidia driver 275.21 !

Did you ever find a solution?

Dizzle7677 07-31-11 04:07 PM

Re: linux 3.0 & legacy driver
This thread covers the same problems also which may be of use to you.


kokolo 08-01-11 04:17 PM

Re: linux 3.0 & legacy driver
i tried that

theres also problem with confcheck that i managed to fix(by bipassing it :))


when i managed to get the module compiling it sayd something like "in that kernel file it is defined "that" expected is "that"

sry for the vaugness, i was tired then and didnt write it down

PS bipassed confcheck by coping the makefile directly(dont remember if i had to edit some variables)

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