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victron 07-04-11 01:36 PM

275.09.07 driver
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I has a problem with driver 275.09.07 on x86_64 machine, <Quadro FX 880M>.
There is errors in X.Org like
(WW) Warning, couldn't open module nvidia
(II) UnloadModule: "nvidia"
(EE) Failed to load module "nvidia" (module does not exist, 0)

But kldstat shows nvidia.ko (system rebooted after driver upgrade)
I didn't observe this problem with driver from ports (nvidia-driver-270.41.19) and any other early drivers.

If it's my mistake please give correct direction.
Thank you.

rhurlin 07-14-11 03:09 AM

Re: 275.09.07 driver
I am not sure if I understand right. Did you try the ports drivers successfully after failing with 275.09.07? If not, did you take care about synced kernel and kernel sources (often kernel sources are newer than the installed kernel itself)?

If nothing else helps, please try the following:

- build and install new kernel (and perhaps world)
- reboot
- rebuild and reinstall nvidia-driver
- reboot

Hope this helps.

AaronP 07-14-11 11:14 AM

Re: 275.09.07 driver
That error indicates that the X server can't find nvidia_drv.so, not that the kernel module isn't loaded. Are you sure it's installed in the right place?

victron 07-23-11 03:43 AM

Re: 275.09.07 driver
rhurlin you are right!
I rebuild the world.
But I get working this version of driver, only if I didn't deinstall port
I didn't know how to check what version of driver really in system, so I compered with md5. nvidia_drv.so and nvidia.ko from NVIDIA-FreeBSD-x86_64-275.09.07 folder - they are same.
I didn't check location of nvidia_drv.so before, it's correct path in my

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