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sludtke42 07-06-11 08:45 AM

3D Vision & Dual displays (only 1 3-D)
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I have a high-end setup for scientific visualization and computation:
Quadro 4000
Tesla C2070
30" Dell monitor (2560x1600)
27" 3D Vision ready Acer (1080p)

Just got the 27" monitor yesterday, and I've been desperately trying to get it to work in stereo mode ever since. There are a couple of issues, though. First, both monitors require dual-link DVI. The 30" because it is such a high resolution, and the 27" so it can do 120hz 1080p. Of course, as far as I can find, there aren't any Nvidia products that can do multiple dual-link outputs. However, since I have the new Tesla, and it has D-DVI out as well, I decided to give that a try. So, I have the Acer monitor plugged into the Quadro, which supports windowed stereo, and the Dell plugged into the Tesla.

I went ahead and reconfigured X for this setup. Since the monitors were running on 2 cards, I had to use Xinerama rather than twinview, but I set it all up, and to my joy, both displays seemed to work fine, and I could run the Acer at 120 hz with no problems. Everything good, right ? Not so much. None of the programs I have would startup in stereo mode. The 3D Vision emitter is working fine (green light, not red), and the X logfile shows that it recognises the Acer as stereo capable, but glxinfo shows no stereo-capable visuals. In desperation, I finally tried disabling the 30" monitor and just running the stereo display, and bingo, stereo is working perfectly. Unfortunately, for my application, I need both monitors active (only 1 doing stereo, of course). I've tried every possible combination of device initialisation ordering, screen layouts, X config options, etc. that I can think of, and still no-go.

Anyone have any ideas ?

My machine is running 64-bit Ubuntu 11.04 with the 270.41.06 driver. I'm attaching my current X config and logfile in case anyone has an idea. Thx

AaronP 07-06-11 03:17 PM

Re: 3D Vision & Dual displays (only 1 3-D)
Xinerama requires the OpenGL capabilities to be the same across all of the displays, so it dumbs them down to the least-common-denominator, which in this case means no stereo since stereo is not enabled on your Quadro. If it's not essential that your desktop span both displays and having them be separate X screens is acceptable, I would recommend simply disabling Xinerama.

sludtke42 07-06-11 03:22 PM

Re: 3D Vision & Dual displays (only 1 3-D)
Thanks for the quick reply.

Is the same true of TwinView ? If I go out and get a displayport -> DVI-D adaptor so I can run the second (non stereo-capable) display off the Quadro, should I be able to have stereo on the monitor that does support it ?

AaronP 07-06-11 06:26 PM

Re: 3D Vision & Dual displays (only 1 3-D)
I think it should. If you have a passive DP-to-DVI dongle, you could give that a try; you won't get the full 2560x1600 on the Dell monitor, but you should at least be able to tell whether stereo will work sufficiently for you on the Acer.

obc3d 07-15-11 01:39 PM

Re: 3D Vision & Dual displays (only 1 3-D)
Regarding Twinview & (2) 120Hz monitors. If you want 3D/stereo to be displayed on both monitors (extended across both) then they need to be both connection the same way to your nVidia graphics board, meaning either both DVI-D or both DisplayPort. I've got a Quadro 4K w/ one DVI-D output & two DisplayPort outputs. I have each of my Dell Alienware monitors connected to the DisplayPort outputs via the nVidia DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI-D Converter. With much help from nVidia support we came to figure out that this was the only solution to get 3D across the (2) monitor extended setup.


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