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marcus38 07-08-11 09:58 AM

Geforce 9600GT XOrg lockup keyboard & mouse lockup
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This has been driving me crazy my keyboard and mouse keeps locking up, looks like either xorg or Nvidia driver is crashing it randomly happens don't know why. I can still do a remote login from another system, so the system is still alive.

My system:

Linux: Fedora 15 with kernel 32bit
Motherboard Asus P5P43TD -> Intel chip set. Quad Q8400
Graphics card: Geforce 9600GT, with Nvidia driver 275.09.07
Memory: 4GB
USB keyboard, and USB Logitech Trackman wheel mouse

Attached is a copy of my xorg.conf, and xorg.log files looking for suggestions?

ToddW 07-12-11 12:51 PM

Re: Geforce 9600GT XOrg lockup keyboard & mouse lockup
You aren't alone. I have a GTX470 with a Logitech keyboard (and trackball) and the same thing happens. Two possible fixes exist: downgrade your kernel to 2.6.36 (or up to 2.6.39-r3, because of USB/udev madness IIRC) or manually increase the event queue in Xorg (you will find the how-to on these forums but the link escapes me at the moment.) On those rare occasions where my mouse pointer stops moving but my keyboard still works, moving to an edit field via cursors results in that field being filled up with an infinite count of a random letter. (It reminds me of how the old PC joysticks used to be able to flood the machine with input or a UART without a buffer. )

marcus38 07-13-11 11:42 AM

Re: Geforce 9600GT XOrg lockup keyboard & mouse lockup
Yeah I was kind of afraid that, I did do a lot of house cleaning removing old stuff from previous installs as well as cleaning up my xorg config file to the minimum, so to allow for Nvidia driver to select all the defaults. Also I was booting with the "acpi_enforce_resources=lax" .But now i'm booting without this parameter, and so far my lm_sensors are working OK. I've been upgrading since Fedora 11. I haven't had another lockup since making these changes (couple days) but i'm not holding my breath on it. But this did force me to do a lot of house cleaning that was needed.

marcus38 07-13-11 03:52 PM

Re: Geforce 9600GT XOrg lockup keyboard & mouse lockup
spoke to soon, just had another lockup :-(

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