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woz_mann 09-08-02 12:07 PM

help needed......2 GF4 Ti's dead in 1 weekend
need some hepl/advice....

In the past weekend I have had a leadtek Gf4 Ti 4400, and a Gainward GF4 Ti 4600 blow up. Neither of these cards have been overclocked. The leadtek was only 3 months old, and the Gainward was 2 days old.

My motherboard is an epox 8KHA+.

When I booted my computer the screen had some not so pretty colors running verticaly on the screen. I tried the cards in my other computer and other monitor with the same result. However the Gf2 GTS, and Geforce2 MX both work on both computers.

What is causing my computer to to this to my cards?

Could the fact that the fan on the nothbridge is no longer working be a factor?

I am running a 400W power supply made by codegen.

Airwolf 09-08-02 01:12 PM

I had that problem with an MSI 4400 replaced my power supply as I found the +5v was over 10% below 5v and I think they recommend it to be nearer 5%. Still had problems and took the card back and they agreed it was faulty. I was told it is usually caused by the type of memory chips. The care they replaced it with has heatsinks on the memory maybe you should try to get one of them if neither of the two you have tried had heatsinks.

Suggest you also check that one of your power supplys stats is not too high or low as it might be your power supply that needs replacing.

woz_mann 09-08-02 01:23 PM

Thx for your help

both of the cards have had heatsinks on them.

and all of the voltages seem to be with in reason

any other ideas??

Chalnoth 09-08-02 09:01 PM

Bad card.

The Baron 09-08-02 09:32 PM

Bad card, but power supply might be to blame too...

Gator 09-08-02 09:43 PM

could it be possible the motherboard AGP slot is upplying too much power? Try a cheapo AGP card if you have one to spare and see if it frys it

Chalnoth 09-08-02 11:02 PM


Originally posted by =SSC=The Baron
Bad card, but power supply might be to blame too...
400 watt power supply shouldn't be a problem.

The Baron 09-08-02 11:13 PM

Could just be a faulty power supply, doesn't properly regulate voltages.

Chalnoth 09-08-02 11:24 PM

That's true...could be tested by using a video card that works and using a utility to test voltages (I'm not aware of one that works on all mobo's...but some manufacturers make 'em...).

woz_mann 09-09-02 09:32 AM

I had been running a GTS in the same mobo (Epox 8KHA+) for some time prior to the Leadtek Ti 4400. My first though was a bad card, but when the Gainward Ti 4600 died after 2 days I started getting scared.

I am currently looking at the Antec True 550W PSU any comment?

Chalnoth 09-09-02 12:28 PM

Well, I still think it's just a bad card. **** happens, what can I say? It's very unlikely that you'd get two in a row, but it does happen. As long as they'll take it back, I'd definitely take that card back and get another.

As they say, third time's the charm.

And if it does fry a third time, well, then you have a problem. It would almost certainly have to be a bad motherboard/AGP slot.

woz_mann 09-09-02 10:42 PM

we had monitored the voltages (vAGP) during gaming and any other GPU intensive apps and the voltages was rock solid at 1.52. However the "frying" occured during boot. which there is no way to monitor.

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