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Vorgus 07-18-11 05:00 PM

560 can't do physx?
With Eve's new update, it seems they use physx for clothes. After the update, I started getting these block letters in the upper left that said "physx -> cpu". I had it set to auto, so I tried both gpu and cpu with no change. Found out it was another setting that was making the letters show up all the time in game, but the 560 should be able to do physx, so why couldn't I force it to gpu? I have a Quad core AMD 3Ghz with 8gb of ram. The card is a EVGA GTX560Ti, the lower clocked one.

EciDemon 07-18-11 07:50 PM

Re: 560 can't do physx?
i dunno, driver bug by the sound of it, maybe use the official nvidia drivers instead?
my gtx 560ti does physx just fine and i got it set to auto.

Vagabond 07-18-11 11:00 PM

Re: 560 can't do physx?
All NVIDIA cards have support for CUDA/PhysX....Even the 9700GTS i've got on my laptop.

Vorgus 07-19-11 07:41 PM

Re: 560 can't do physx?
I am using official drivers, 275.33

Vorgus 07-22-11 01:56 AM

Re: 560 can't do physx?
Tried re-running the installer and selected manual. physx was selected and it does seem to be installed but Eve still uses cpu. downloaded fluid marks and ran that and it will switch between cpu and gpu depending on what you select in fluid marks. So I guess the program can force the selection.

However, when using GPU it crashes after less then a minute of stability test run every time. Card does not seem to be over heating at all.

EciDemon 07-22-11 03:05 AM

Re: 560 can't do physx?
are you sure Eve even supports hardware physx, plenty of titles uses physx but run on the cpu as the engine can do either depending on how it was implemented.

if you have stability problems there may be something else that's wrong.
What kind of powersuply do you have in your computer?

Vorgus 07-22-11 05:28 PM

Re: 560 can't do physx?
I don't know if Eve is cpu only. I though it was up to the driver/card. Didn't know the app could force it.

Power supply is a TX950. I'm really thinking it's these drivers. I had no problem with the card with the first drivers which where for the 560 only. But at some point after a driver or adobe update, I started seeing problems with Hulu getting staticy lines that would go away if you switched between full screen and window and back. Sometimes I have to pause the video and minimize the video, then restore it and it plays fine. It's very random and also happens on TNT's videos. Don't know if they also use adobe.

When the test crashes, it does the same thing I have seen a couple times in Eve with all settings maxed and once in another game. The screen, or windowed as the test program was windowed, goes black a few seconds and then the desktop comes up with a tool bar popup about the video driver stopped responding or the program lost connection to the video driver and the driver recovered. I have read that this driver, though certified is junk causing all kinds of problems, but rolling back is a bit of a pain and I also read a new driver might be out this month.

EciDemon 07-23-11 08:49 PM

Re: 560 can't do physx?
Yeah, many games uses Physx (on ps3 and xbox 360 as well) but only a hand full of games actually use hardware accelerated physx with added particle effects or other simulation effects as result.

Gpu physx game list

Sorry I had to ask about the power supply, having a too weak one will cause errors and crashes etc. Yours is far above what's needed so thats good.

It could be the drivers at fault, I've been using latest beta version 275.50 and I've had no stability issues. You should try changing to different driver, see if it helps any. Be sure to use the option to completely remove the old driver from the system when installing new ones.

Vorgus 07-24-11 02:11 PM

Re: 560 can't do physx?
I looked at the post on 275.50 drivers and found this:


Hi, Nvidia has released the Beta 275.50 driver for Windows XP, Vista and 7. This driver is for GeForce 6 and higher desktop cards. It is identical to the 275.33 WHQL driver, except for enabling SLI on 990FX, 990X and 970 AMD chipset motherboards, and providing 3D Vision performance improvements in Duke Nukem 3D with 3 or 4-way SLI. The driver package also contains the 9.10.0514 PhysX drivers.
A lot of people in the 275.33 thread saying it is bad. So I think I'll go with the 270.61 drivers first and see if things clear up.

Vorgus 07-24-11 02:56 PM

Re: 560 can't do physx?
Went into windows program uninstall and found 8 entries for nvidia. I know one was for networking and another I think is for other parts of the chipset. But I also found HD audio drivers. Problem is, I Originally installed the Realtek audio drivers. nividia decided to install theirs also. So I removed the nividia audio drivers and it ask for a restart which I did. AS soon as I logged back in, windows promptly comes up with new hardware found and installs the nividia audio drivers. The popup had 5 entries for it. Checked the properties tab and sure enough, 5 entries for nividia HD audio drivers and 1 for Realtek. But it is no longer listed in the uninstall list. So I don't know if I have a audio driver fight. clearly windows won't let me remove the nividia audio drivers. BF 2145 still doesn't run but I haven't ran it since I put the card in.

A friend said he's seen and heard of a lot of problems with the nividia audio drivers and doesn't install them. Seems you have to use custom install to get the option not to install the audio part.

When running the 275 driver install, there is a check box for clean install. Can you use that for rolling back, assuming the 270 driver has that check box?

Drivers listed in add/remove program list:

NVIDIA 3D Vision Controller Driver 275.33 | Installed 7/21/2011 | Size blank | Ver 275.33

NVIDIA 3D Vision Driver 275.33 | Insalled 7/21/2011 | Size blank | Ver 275.33

NVIDIA Drivers (think these are chipset drivers) | Installed 8/27/2010 | size 66.8 MB | Ver

NVIDIA ForceWare Network Access Manager | Installed 11/7/2009 | size 34.2 MB | Ver 1.00.7316

NVIDIA Graphics Driver 275.33 | Installed 7/21/2011 | size blank | Ver 275.33

NVIDIA PhysX System Software 9.10.0514 | Installed 7/21/2011 | size blank | Ver 9.10.0514

NVIDIA Update 1.3.5 | Installed 7/21/2011 | Ver 1.3.5

EciDemon 07-25-11 12:31 AM

Re: 560 can't do physx?
Yes, you can use the clean install option to do a sort of roll back. If remnants of older drivers are present it can cause problems and conflicts.

I'm not really sure what those audio drivers are, I'm an audiophile and I compose music on my rig with various Daw's So i was really surprised i all of a sudden had a new "audio card"
However it is a device that can not be selected. So i think its only a sound reroute when using the Hdmi connector.

You could always disable the Nvidia High def entries in the Device Manager and then uninstall the drivers so they won't appear again.

Vorgus 07-25-11 01:22 AM

Re: 560 can't do physx?
didn't think about the HDMI jacks. I have both my monitor and one of the TV inputs connected so the TV can double as a second monitor. My friend has the 5 audio drivers, but they don't say nvidia. He also has a 560, but I don't know which brand, if that matters.

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