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Hammett 07-27-11 06:08 PM

AA setting in nvidia-settings not applied
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On a fresh start of X server, AA setting set up in nvidia-settings are not applied to games.

In order to apply AA to the game, I need to run nvidia-settings and manually change AA settings to the desired value, then AA is applied in the game.

On the next boot, AA settings (saved correctly) do not apply and I need to run again nvidia-settings.

Long story short, I need to open nvidia-settings panel everytime I want to AA to apply to any game as even though nvidia-settings is set up to override application settings, it does not until I change that setting.

I attach the nvidia-bug-report.

mocharhw 07-28-11 01:40 PM

Re: AA setting in nvidia-settings not applied
Maybe you need to have your desktop environment startup routines run "nvidia-settings -l" at every startup?

Hammett 07-29-11 08:26 AM

Re: AA setting in nvidia-settings not applied
Thanks for your suggestion mocharhw, that definitely solved the issue

It is though, quite strange this behaviour as one thinks any settings done should be loaded automatically when nvidia module loads into the kernel.

Hammett 07-29-11 09:41 AM

Re: AA setting in nvidia-settings not applied
I have been testing in this issue...

I use XFCE 4.8 with compiz enabled and if I manually load nvidia-settings (open nvidia-settings and quit app) everything is fine and good.

If I automatically load the nvidia-settings (nvidia-settings -l) as a startup app, 2D is extremely choppy. It is actually so choppy that terminal takes 0.5seg to show the characters I am typing.

Is there an issue with 2D performance for GTX560 and nvidia drivers 275.19 ?

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