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hmrct 07-30-11 10:12 AM

linux-3.0 and 96.43.20 beta legacy driver
Just a quick "thumbs up" for the 96.43.20 beta driver with the linux-3.0 kernel on my ancient hardware.

I hacked-up the 96.43.19 driver where it would at least build, but you could load it no more than twice without having to login remotely and reboot the system due to a scrambled display. ".20" also seems to be an honest performance win over the previous driver with recent kernels.

hmrct 07-30-11 10:48 AM

Re: linux-3.0 and 96.43.20 beta legacy driver
Spoke too soon: ".20" still has the scrambled display on exit issue, but at least I can load the driver more than twice before it happens. The final load (the one resulting in display corruption on exit) takes a *very* long time to initialize -- "feels" like a memory leak of some kind. No error or diagnostic messages in the logs at the standard logging levels. Machine doesn't get completely wedged: one can still login remotely to reboot the box and restore sanity.

I'll keep checking back for an update to the beta.

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