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kriko 08-01-11 07:43 PM

280.13 Download link broken
Anyone else unable to download drivers?
Even if I use search tool on nvidia page, it will display a 404.

dk75 08-02-11 04:23 AM

Re: 280.13 Download link broken

404 for new driver from direct link or from search page

Ahmad Samir 08-02-11 04:42 AM

Re: 280.13 Download link broken
Looks like the link is broken for 32-bit on the USA localised pages (nvidia.com), but links for both 32bit and 64bit work just fine on the UK pages (nvidia.co.uk).

Also, for the 280.13 release, I don't see the files on ftp (which is a bit of an annoyance when packaging it for Linux distros....).

zbiggy 08-03-11 04:36 PM

Re: 280.13 Download link broken
I confirm. Download link is dead for both 280.13 32/64bit. Nvidia driver search and beta search for Linux also fails with 404. http://www.nvidia.co.uk works. Nvidia driver page on non USA sites (those localized) autodetects my Linux as Windows 7 32bit. Autodetection of OS on USA server works perfect and detects Linux.

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