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zerubbabel 08-02-11 10:49 AM

Dell E6420 with NVIDIA N12P
I'm running Ubuntu 11.04 (amd64) on a Dell Latitude E6420. The paper documentation that came with the system says under Video controller/Discrete: "NVIDIA N12P with 512MB DDR3 switchable". I don't know how to confirm that this is what's actually installed, but there is no nvidia-xconfig installed, so it doesn't seem as if I have the NVIDIA driver installed.

I tried installing NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-280.12.run, but it says I don't have the supported hardware. So how can I tell which driver to install? I can't find "N12P" listed anywhere on the NVIDIA drivers page.

Basically, Ubuntu is running fine on this hardware, except that I can't get my external monitor to work at its maximum resolution, and also, theoretically, the laptop display is supposed to have maximum resolution of 1600x900, but it's only using 1366x768.

Anyway, I'd like to install the latest NVIDIA driver for my system, but don't know which one to install. Any help would be appreciated.

zerubbabel 08-03-11 10:04 AM

Re: Dell E6420 with NVIDIA N12P

Can't someone just point me to the right driver?

LLStarks 08-03-11 01:53 PM

Re: Dell E6420 with NVIDIA N12P
you either have a 520m or nvs 4200m

you also have optimus which isn't supported on linux

your only hope is bumblebee: https://github.com/MrMEEE/bumblebee

danix 08-09-11 07:45 PM

Re: Dell E6420 with NVIDIA N12P
Actually, on that particular notebook I believe there should be a setting in the BIOS to disable Optimus. Take a look in your BIOS settings (under the "Video" menu) for an option to disable Optimus. With Optimus disabled, this notebook ought to work with recent drivers.

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