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cenkog 09-08-02 03:54 PM

Really best pop-up killer & net filter ...In addition : Totally free !!!

"PROXOMITRON" : Try it ... Best pop-up killer I've ever seen ... Use default settings ...An excellent & cool & free piece of software...

Essense 09-11-02 11:22 PM

This program is badass. Amazing work, it actually anaylyzes the HTML from each web page you visist and re-writes it on the fly. All in real time, it's quick and is much more powerful then anything i've seen before. This guy should sell this product, it's obvious it was no simple script, some real work went into it.


eL_PuSHeR 09-12-02 08:10 AM

I tried it under IE 6.x, Mozilla 1.x and Opera 6.x It works flawlessly under everyone of them.


eL_PuSHeR 09-12-02 02:52 PM

Best thing is that you can dynamically edit your filter files, which are really TXT files. You can then avoid filtering certain pages (bypass) or the other way round, force filtering some banners that escaped Proxomitron control (AdList).
If you just want to momentarily stop de proxomitron, just check the BYPASS option. Then uncheck it again to work normally. This function is very handy to stop filtering if you think some pages aren't properly displayed or some neccesary pop-up window doesn't appear.

styles-T 09-12-02 07:07 PM

an amazing prog..cant get any better!!

saturnotaku 09-12-02 09:47 PM

I must have done something wrong because it wasn't catching all the popups. The built-in popup killer in Mozilla works great and for IE I use Pop-up stopper companion. I'm gonna pass on this prog for now, but I'll give it a shot in any future versions.

Kruno 09-13-02 01:22 AM

Mozzila has a pop up stopper? Are we using the same version of Mozzila? I have version 1.1.
I went through a site and pop ups still appeared.

eL_PuSHeR 09-13-02 07:58 AM

I think he's referring to this:


and uncheck:

OPEN UNREQUESTED WINDOWS and maybe some other options.

Kruno 09-13-02 08:31 AM

Thank You!

saturnotaku 09-13-02 08:52 AM


Originally posted by eL_PuSHeR
maybe some other options.
Nope, what you mentioned in your post is the only option I could find. And it works perfectly. :cool:

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