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Destroy 08-15-11 12:25 PM

Driver: San Francisco
I take it not very many care or are interested in this game since there is zero discussion on the demo or game in here.

I thought the demo sucked btw. More mindless arcade crap.

tornadog 08-15-11 01:20 PM

Re: Driver: San Francisco
I am just surprised that somebody is willing to fund the making of more games in this series, and for anyone to really think they could get a decent game out of it.

TheTaz 08-16-11 08:06 AM

Re: Driver: San Francisco
I had a mild interest in this game, until I found out it was Ubish*t and their "always on" DRM.

EDIT: Whoops I just realized this was the Console forum... obviously my comments were geared towards the PC version. ;)

JaylumX 08-16-11 08:26 AM

Re: Driver: San Francisco
I tried the demo yesterday and tbh i don't think i was fair in its judgement. Been playing Witcher 2 and getting deeply involved in it as i never play RPG's and since my head is in a different place, well lets say i was less than impressed with Driver. Another time and another place maybe this may have been a good game. The devs should find it fortunate enough that i even bothered downloading the demo let alone play it.

We will see

MowTin 08-22-11 10:57 PM

Re: Driver: San Francisco
The original Driver was awesome.

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