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drifter 09-08-02 09:54 PM

bttv and xawtv freeze
many people seem to be having this problem. i have tried rearranging the cards in the PCI slots, tinkered with the several options of the bttv driver, the NVIDIA 2960 driver, and xawtv, played with the BIOS settings, the pci latency setting. .still nothing works. it plays ok for a time, ad then sudddenly it freezes. the only thing that worked was using XFree86 "nv" driver, and running xawtv with the '-noxv' option. but that driver is not able to use all of the features of the NVIDIA cards.

can anyone possibly have any more suggestions? i would really appreciate it.

my setup: redhat 7.2 (kernel 2.4.7-10), gf2 mx400, asus P3v133, NVIDIA
2960 driver, bttv 0.7.72, xawtv 3.54.

drifter 09-08-02 10:10 PM

TV card is the leadtek winfast tv2000 xp.

mtrr 09-09-02 12:23 AM

do you have any software running that accesses "/dev/vbi" ?

it's a well known problem with alevt (videotext viewer). after some
switching and searching in subpages the video output freezes :(


drifter 09-09-02 01:51 AM

not sure about that. im not familiar with device vbi. what applications, or processes, should i look out for? the alevtd, alev are not invoke automatically, are they?

mtrr 09-09-02 05:26 AM

no, not automatically. upgrade your kernel if possible,
2.4.7 is _really_ old and upgrade xawtv also, if you're
in luck the problem is just _away_ :)


r0gu3 09-09-02 03:32 PM

I have some similar problems :)

lemme give you my situation... I have a few nvidia cards and a us robotics branded hauppage bt848 card... and for me to be able to capture using my bt848 i have to:
1st load the module at boot before nvidia's driver.
2nd i have to unload and then reload bttv after Xfree86 is already running!!!
3rd capture all day long :)

I hope this helps you... please post us a follow up so we know how it turns out :)

- r0gu3

drifter 09-16-02 07:47 PM

thanks for the suggestion. i just tried it, but still it hangs after a while. i just updated the NVIDIA drivers to 3123.

drifter 09-17-02 09:52 PM

finally got a tv app working--the zapping app. far better than xawtv, and most importantly, it does not hang.

dont know what makes xawtv cause freezes in a lot of systems. :(

i use bttv 0.7.87, zapping 0.6.4, nvidia 3123, kernel 2.4.7-10.

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