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Monowaquet 09-05-11 11:09 AM

Alienware m17x Video Card question!
Hello guys, Im having a serious doubt here...i need ur opinions and help plz!
I dont know much about the technical stuff about the cards and the tech, I purchase laptops cause i work and travel a lot and cant stay at a single place for much time, so i purchase gaming laptops...Ive always prefered Nvida over the Ati cards, simply because, from my personal experience, the drivers and the quality was better, at least in many ways it seemed to be better. But to be honest, at the moment of the purchase I go for the best performance card. Im having serious doubt here in which card to buy, theres the 6990m and the 580m...but the performance of the ati apparently is a lot higher than the nvidias...on the other hand nvidia has cuda, physics etc...seems more quality, and i have an ati now...and im wanting to change...But the 580 seems to have a noticeable less performance...idk...right now im kinda waiting till they release the 590m..you think that will take too long? what should i do!?
Please help!! Thanks!

Redeemed 09-05-11 11:39 AM

Re: Alienware m17x Video Card question!
To the best of my knowledge, most laptops don't use a resolution that's any higher than 1920 x 1200, in fact I believe most are lower in resolution. As such, you don't need as powerful a GPU to push the pixels through.

I game at 1920 x 1200 and for a while was rocking a 5770. At times I saw the GPUs limitations, games like Crysis I had to sacrifice settings such as anti-aliasing and what not to maintain smooth framerates. But those titles are few and far between, most every title I was able to max out completely.

I mention that because the "6990m" and "GTX580m" and even the "590m" wont' hold a candle to their desktop parts. The mobile parts are always slower in performance for obvious reasons. Even the 590m won't compare to a desktop GTX580. The performance you're getting from these "top-end" mobile gpus really compares more closely to a "high-end-mainstream" desktop GPU like the GTX570 for example.

So in short, I'd say you'd be happy with either. :) Both are really solid performers for the resolution you'll likely be running. :)

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