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laptopdafun 09-07-11 07:38 AM

GeForce Go 6600
I have a NVIDIA GeForce Go 6600 that came installed with my Toshiba Qosmio G15 AV501 laptop and I might have the AV501-R but not sure, both seem to come with the same NVIDIA GeForce Go 6600. Can you tell me what kind of port is the component out port on the NVIDIA GeForce Go 6600? Is it a Mini HDMI out? What are the differences between an av-501 and an av501-r? My users guide only specifies the component out port as being a component out port? I would like to have a longer component cable, than the original cable that shipped with the laptop, to connect to my HDTV.

I am not certain if these models have a display port and what the heck the actual component port is called? It appears to be either a NVIDIA GeForce Go 6600 or Toshiba proprietary port? Has anyone had any luck connecting a usb to hdmi converter adapter from a third party for hdtv display on these models? I just dont see how the port can be a displayport or even mini displayport.

mojoman0 09-07-11 09:24 AM

Re: GeForce Go 6600
Card is pretty old, I think I have the same one in my laptop. It only has a VGA output, three rows of holes, for another monitor so no easy tv connectivity. Yours may be diff tho, what does the port look like?

laptopdafun 09-08-11 12:39 AM

Re: GeForce Go 6600
heres a link to the back panel of my laptop its the component out port in the middle


kind of hard to see the port in the image there but the port kinda looks like a mini comm port but it is used for component out. i think i might just go with a usb to hdmi option that monoprice.com sells

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