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eridu 09-09-02 05:05 AM

Getting GeForce 4 Go Card w/h Laptop Display Working
I've recently been trying to get a laptop with a GeForce 4 Go processor to run linux. The problem doesn't seem to be the nvidia driver, that appears to load fine - its the screen. I figured someone reading this may have had some experience with this.

So, everything loads fine and then it tries to cycle through all the mode's available to it and basically fails to find anything it can use.

I've told XFree86 its a 1024x768 LCD screen. Its a 15" screen so I don't know if thats the reason, an odd geometry or something.

If its of use, the machine is a Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100, GeForce4 420 Go Graphics card with a 15" screen.

Can anyone help?



Jeremy Bear 09-09-02 05:36 AM

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Check out my website for detailed information on configuring the Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 under Red Hat Linux:


A sample XF86 config file is attached (re-name to XF86Config-4 after backing up your existing file). And do not try to use it until you have downloaded the Nvidia drivers appropriate for your Linux distro.

Good luck!


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